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There are the following 7 don'ts list that you should stop if you don't wanna waste your life.

1. Stop searching.

Being in a pandemic situation, everyone is searching for the status of the pandemic of different countries. Remember, what is happening in the world won’t give you anything until or unless you are a doctor or a social worker. If so, you should definitely be aware of the situation. Otherwise, focus on what you have; means your family, friends, and the most important your skill. This is the best time to sharpen your axe for your future goals. You should follow your passion and if not, try to find out one by trying different things of your interest.

2. Stop escapism.

Escapism means diverting the mind from the real problem. You will be shocked that more than 95% of people in the world are practicing escapism. In this situation, we must focus on the major problem. The first thing is that we must have a good immune system. For that, you can read the best health blogs that will help you in being fit and healthy. Besides this, you must follow your goal. If not, try to set one.

3. Stop being hopeless.

As per the situation, negativity is spreading like a forest fire. So, we must have hope. This time will also pass. The best thing you can do is utilize this time in doing something constructive that not only give you returns but to society as well.

4. Stop focusing on the outcome.

Let’s understand this point with the help of an example. Suppose you are having an academic exam the very next day and you didn’t study. What will you do? Definitely, you will start studying. You won’t think that from where you should start. You may find some important topics but not more than that. You will surely start studying without being focused upon the result of the examination. Now think, if you will do the same in achieving your goal then what will happen. YOU WILL DEFINITELY ACHIEVE SOMETHING THAT WILL MAKE YOU CLOSER TO YOUR GOAL. Isn’t it? Then what are you waiting for? No one will push you towards your goal. You have to push yourself.

5. Stop measuring goal.

While moving towards your goal, don’t see what is still left? Just focus on what you have done. Start taking baby steps.

6. Stop setting duration.

Don’t look towards your goal in terms of time. You are having your entire life. You know that Kentschuky started KFC at the age of 65. Why are you in so much a hurry? It doesn’t matter what is still left. The thing matter is that you are consistent towards achieving the goal even if you are giving just 5 minutes a day to your goal.

Bonus Tip: Appreciate yourselves.

This is the most important thing if you really want to achieve something big. You must appreciate what you did. There are a lot of people to criticize you. You are the king of your own empire. So whatever you do, just write it in your diary to remember you are now one step closer to your DREAM.

I hope you have learned something new through this post that will push you to your DREAM FUTURE.

Hey there. I am Faiz. An engineer by qualification. An educator by profession. An entrepreneur by mindset.